Friday, July 30, 2010

The Last couple months...

Over the last couple of months I have been struggling to find my footing as a wife. Kind of like a new wife...With not having work outside the house and Don going to's been different!
At the end of May we headed to South Dakota with Mom meeting up with Samantha, Stephen and Jennifer! Mom, Don and I drove out and the others flew...I was under the understanding that I wouldn't have to drive or co-pilot which didn't turn out that way...Don got sick on the trip...the longer we were gone the sicker he got (poor guy...this was one of his dream trips). On our way through South Dakota to Rapid City we stopped at the Corn Place. It was an amazing place with all the art made out of corns (of many colors), wheat, barley, and such... Then we went on to Rapid City. We got to see Mount Rushmore (we went on a bus tour which took us on an amazing sights), Crazy Horse (totally worth the time to visit), and Wall Drug.

Since we got back from there I have been helping Jeff and Ronna out with the boys. Which keeps me busy with trying to keep new ideas on how to entertain them! With that and helping packing up thing left at my Grandma's house up so she can sell her keeps me on my toes.
July 4th we went to my brother Jeff's in southern Indiana. He loves having EVERYONE come for the weekend and relax. Well...I'm not sure HE or Linda relax the whole weekend...being they are great hosts. But it's a great time to just go and hang out with everyone!
Now Don has finished up his summer classes. Hopefully he will be in the nursing program starting in January. He finally got the calling at church his is excited about. He is teaching the 11 year old boys...and that also makes him their scout leader. He LOVES working with the young men at church.
As for me...Between Babysitting the boys, packing boxes at Grandma's house...I have found a few hours to help out a friend who is a teacher...she has readers that need to be printed off before the end of the we have put in LOTS of time printing and reprinting things to get them done. At Church I work back in primary as the chorister (so I work with 3 to 12 year olds). It's hard for me to come up with ideas to make music fun for the kids at times...I'm not sure that it's the greatest callings for me but I'm trying to work with it!
Well that is our lives right now...I'll try to update sooner than 4 months from now! Have a Great weekend! I'll try to update with more pictures from the past few months!

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