Friday, July 30, 2010

The Last couple months...

Over the last couple of months I have been struggling to find my footing as a wife. Kind of like a new wife...With not having work outside the house and Don going to's been different!
At the end of May we headed to South Dakota with Mom meeting up with Samantha, Stephen and Jennifer! Mom, Don and I drove out and the others flew...I was under the understanding that I wouldn't have to drive or co-pilot which didn't turn out that way...Don got sick on the trip...the longer we were gone the sicker he got (poor guy...this was one of his dream trips). On our way through South Dakota to Rapid City we stopped at the Corn Place. It was an amazing place with all the art made out of corns (of many colors), wheat, barley, and such... Then we went on to Rapid City. We got to see Mount Rushmore (we went on a bus tour which took us on an amazing sights), Crazy Horse (totally worth the time to visit), and Wall Drug.

Since we got back from there I have been helping Jeff and Ronna out with the boys. Which keeps me busy with trying to keep new ideas on how to entertain them! With that and helping packing up thing left at my Grandma's house up so she can sell her keeps me on my toes.
July 4th we went to my brother Jeff's in southern Indiana. He loves having EVERYONE come for the weekend and relax. Well...I'm not sure HE or Linda relax the whole weekend...being they are great hosts. But it's a great time to just go and hang out with everyone!
Now Don has finished up his summer classes. Hopefully he will be in the nursing program starting in January. He finally got the calling at church his is excited about. He is teaching the 11 year old boys...and that also makes him their scout leader. He LOVES working with the young men at church.
As for me...Between Babysitting the boys, packing boxes at Grandma's house...I have found a few hours to help out a friend who is a teacher...she has readers that need to be printed off before the end of the we have put in LOTS of time printing and reprinting things to get them done. At Church I work back in primary as the chorister (so I work with 3 to 12 year olds). It's hard for me to come up with ideas to make music fun for the kids at times...I'm not sure that it's the greatest callings for me but I'm trying to work with it!
Well that is our lives right now...I'll try to update sooner than 4 months from now! Have a Great weekend! I'll try to update with more pictures from the past few months!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chasing My Tail...

Since I posted last...My "job" has changed. Yes I'm still unemployed but I have become my Grandmother's shadow.

My Grandma has been taking physical therapy for her lower back and leg. So twice a week we go do that. Then...

My aunt and uncle came to visit with my Grandma...while they were here they went around looking at assisted living places. On Monday March 8th...Grandma called me to let me know she was going to move...when I asked when this was her response "In the morning...the moving people will be here at 8am." All I could say was WOW!!!

Tuesday we moved her in and bless her heart she took it like a trooper. She knew she needed to do this move, and let it happen in the fastest way. Tuesday night she got up to go potty in the night and "kicked" her dresser (at 2am--yes that is important to know). I got a phone call Wednesday at 8:30am that she needed to go to Redimed. We got xrays and everything...and YES she broke a toe (the first bone she broke in her 89 years of life). We have tons of doctors to see between regular doctors, specialist, and physical therapy.

Oh yes...I forgot to say Wednesday when we were at Redimed...some dang 9 year old coughed on me and has thrown a big wrench in my life. By Thursday night I had temps up to 104 and trying to keep my Grandmother well, AND to all her appointments. So during the day I would work with her and afternoons/evenings I would sleep. Now after a week of meds and sleeping TONS...I think I'm almost over this monster!

I have to say that at times it's hard to see my Grandmother so needy...but blessed that I can be there to help her out. It's my job to keep all her appointment straight and get her to them. Plus taking care of things at her house that she still has. I'm there almost everyday making sure everything is okay there. It's strange going into her house where she has lived all my life and seeing some of her stuff there and seeing things that have NEVER been gone.

At times (like today) I walk in and look for things that she has sent me in for and remember silly things of growing up and being in that house. Like hiding from Stephen in a just is hard to see the changes...but glad its a slow one!

Thanks for reading...I'll try to upload pictures I have taken the last few weeks.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missing my Grandpa!!!

Today would have been my Grandfather's 89th birthday. Since his passing in May it has been a struggle for me. But since I have moved back to Indiana it's been better because I have my Grandmother to help. But since October (Her 89th Birthday) she seems to need us more. (For me that is okay because it helps me feel useful.

Mom and Annette have been scanning old pictures and I got to show Don some of the old ones of my grandparents...the pictures that show my Grandfather the way I remember him. He was a nice looking tallish, railroader. And since Don and I have gotten married his health had been failing. So the only man my husband knew was the shell of the man that I knew. Although my grandfather had strokes and heart problems we were blessed with him having his memories and mind to keep a good conversation going. Sometimes he struggled getting with getting his voice to keep up with his thoughts...and his body couldn't keep up with what I'm sure he wanted to do. But I have great respect for my grandparents.

It still hurts my heart that I didn't get to say my goodbyes to him before his passing. At times I wonder if he really knew that I loved him...I don't remember if I said it the last time I talked to him...Will I ever get past that???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Christmas Present"

For Christmas 2009 I didn't know what to get my brother (Stephen) and his wife (Jennifer). They are those family members that have EVERYTHING...and trying to figure out what to get them is a hard thing...especially since Don and I don't have lots of money. So when I called them to ask what they wanted the worse answer came "we just want your love". For heaven sakes where do you buy that and if you can how much is that going to cost me??? So I worried for days and days and came up with a thought ... I'll give them certificates (I made them 2) to have dinner made at their house or ours. I figured that was a lame gift but with a talk with my sister (Samantha)...she reassured me that would be a GREAT gift. So that is what they got....and they asked to use one of those certificates. So they drove down to have dinner with us. I used my friend Lori's french bread recipe, my mom's red cake with boiled icing recipe (changed up the color of icing), and had some boneless pork chops...and other things...but it's always great to have family over and eat good food! I am happy to report Stephen and Jennifer did not leave hungry! Here are a few pictures of food for you to enjoy!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My Life

I am bad at blogging anymore...not sure why...maybe because my life isn't much to blog about! But my new goal is to post something each month. That way I can see the progress happening in my life!!!

I'm out of work---like most Americans. Finding a job isn't easy. So I get to stay home, and babysit when needed. Which is great for me on one hand but maybe I should just find a crap shop and go do hair. Really most shops I have talked to are either not interested in me because I don't have clients or they are just full. I don't want to go to Great Clips or shops like that. If you are in shops like that they are more worried about getting that client out in a short amount of time and not about good hair. I want to do hair and I want to be able to do it on my terms. SO--the waiting game is on. Or I would work in a beauty supply store...still waiting on a job opening there too!

Don is working hard on school. He is trying to make the nursing program next January. Praying that he can get in and work hard---our hope is that he gets his nursing done quickly so we can move on with our lives. He is such a great sport with going back to school!

With being shut in most of the time and Don doing school...he has decided that in October he wants to WALK a 5k. I'm going to be helping him get ready for this...but we will see if I am up to doing it with him. (But if any of you would like to do it...please let us know...babysitting will be provided.) He is a trooper with his goals lately...he decided that he wouldn't drink anymore soda so January 1st he stopped drinking them and has done VERY well. So I know that once he decides something for sure he will stick with it! (I only gave up caffeine---and works most days but when a migraine headache comes on I need to have something!)

I just got a laptop from Don this week and I am enjoying it! Once I get everything on here that I need I will be able to do my calling at church (Primary Choristers) and when Don needs it for classes he has it to go! So I think it will help us do all of our work better. As for my calling in church...I'm not sure about it...I don't know that I do good working in Primary, but since I wont teach class back there---I got this. I'm sure I'll learn something from it but I'm not sure what can be learned in that calling!

Well that is all that is going on in our world! I promise to post more often and Have better things to share! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Slacker I really am!

Okay...I was out looking at Jackie's blog and now I really feel bad. It's been forever. I'm going to try to do better! In the last 6 months my world turned upside down and was shaken a little. With the passing of my grandfather, moving back to Indiana, having Don go back to school with not job, and now with me not having an income either has really been eye opening. I know that things will be okay in the end...but getting through the tough road is the challenge.

Don is just about half way through his first semester. I'm not sure he really likes school but knows it's what needs to be done to have us on our feet again. He is really trying to keep up a good front for me!

I was hoping by now I would have a job with my old employer but that doesn't seem to be what's going to happen. Annette got hired to manage a Hickory Farm booth in Kokomo at one of the malls...She has hired me to help her for 5 to 6 weeks I'll have some kind of income.

If that isn't rough enough...not having health insurance is really knocking at our door...Don can't seem to stay well. He has NEVER been this sick our whole marriage...and now it's one thing after another. I pray that the small amount of money I have set aside will do but I'm feeling the bite!

As for our marriage...November 27th is our 10th Anniversary. I'm shocked he has stayed married to me that long. YES--I do know that I'm not easy to live with...and very VERY shocked he stayed with me!

The last week we have had the joy of helping out Ronna and Jeff. Ronna has had family issues she had to go take care of ... so we got to take care of the boys and I have to say...Not always joys but joyful that we could do it! I love them so much. But with being "home" we have gotten to take care of a lot of the little ones! I totally enjoy doing that.

I know this has been a lot of nothing...but I thought I would post it anyways! I will post again soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just my I can stop thinking...

Have you ever had the feeling that doing good things for others never pays? Or that if you do a kind deed all you get is a kick in the teeth? Lately that is how I feel. I talked my husband into doing a HUGE thing for a person (who I thought was my friend)...and it has totally came back and kicked me in the butt.

I don't really want to go into detail but I now feel since we had to end doing that deed (do to things out of our control) I am now paying for it. It sucks that people aren't what they seem! Totally stabbing you in the back and speak sweetly to your face. I just trust that karma makes it right!

Other than that things are going...not wonderful but going. Making plans for Don's schooling.

Can't wait until my true friend Kelly can make it down here! I'm so dang excited to see her. She makes things clearer for me. I'm glad we are friends! Her crew is coming the first week of April. And than my mom comes the second weekend of May. And I'm SO excited for her to be here. She too makes things clearer for me. Makes me feel like everything will work out the way they should.

Sorry that is wasn't great....but I have to have an outlet for my brain before it explodes. I get a three day weekend...So hopefully I can just chill and make things calm down in my life to make it until my mom gets here!

If we do anything great and wonderful I'll update by Sunday night! Enjoy your weekend and make sure you have fun!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Just to Let you know we are still here...

I thought I better write before you thought we fell off the face of the earth...well...we didn't. Just seems most days there isn't much to say except that I have NO life. Well that hasn't changed at all, but I thought I might catch you up on what is going on...(some of which I cant talk about right now online, and hope you understand).

First and for most...Don has made up his mind that since there isn't a job out there that he is going to look into going back to school. He is still looking for work, but with jobs not out there...he has to do he is looking into nursing school.

I am still working. I love the company I work with, but wishing that there were good workers out there that I could hire! I have been a manager at this store now for 9 months (dang it doesn't seem that long) and I just had my second inventory. But the numbers are totally looking so much better than when I got there. It's not in the ball park yet of the store that opened the week before it did...but we are catching up. We just had the Regional Vice President, Terrory Manager in and they LOVED my store. So with all the "big" things now out of the way for a few more months...I can sort of breath a sigh of relief.

Don and I are really involved with our church. Both of us holding 2 callings. I love mine...I work on the activities committee (with Don)...we have had great comments from EVERYONE how great the ward activities are going. How great they love the new ideas. And my other calling is working with the Young Women as their Personal Progress leader (which is the same calling Stephanie has in her ward). I have leard a lot so much in the short time I have been doing this new calling. I grew up in the church and did my personal progress as a youth but seeing these girls do their's and's so wonderful!

If you have good ideas on activities I can do with the girls please share. They are really want to do a sleep that is what I'm working on right we can do it. We are working on a cookbook for them so that would be a great time for them to really work on it...and anything else the need to work on.

Other than that we are just going one day at a time. I'm hoping all is well with all of you! I'll try to blog soon! Keep in touch...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just a general update....

First and fore most I need to thank Jackie...for getting the new background done and setting me straight on how to do somethings. You will never know how you saved me!

Okay now for our update...

The last few months have been very busy with my work. Trying to get my store turned around and starting going in the right direction. I think I have started that (which is great news).

At the end of July I tried to chop my left index finger tip off. So I got to go to a clinic and get several stitches and was told I may have problems with the tip having normal feeling. It still feels funny but better then it did. On August 1st my full time employee (really my ONLY employee) quit. So I luckily had hired a girl for another store but she needed trained. So I was working open to close for a good 3 weeks...which made me sick...I got strep throat and a sinus infection. I worked 60+ clocked hours and then worked off the clock because the local managers for my company decided to do 3 open house (one in each store) I worked for weeks off the clock on that. The open houses...let us just say... the first one sucked...the second (which was mine) was hurricaned out thanks for Hurricane Fay...and the third was a great hit. But my store seems to be improving---or at least that's what the numbers say!

As for Don...about 4 weeks ago he was again laid off because too many people are going for direct cremations and not having a full funeral service. So we talked about it and he decided to go to truck driving school (he has done it before but let his CDL lapse). But he couldn't pass a urine test. He had too much protein in his samples. So the school sent him home to see his normal doctor. (While to be honest we don't have a "normal" doctor we are between doctors. So I had him go to the walk in clinic/doctor's office I have been going to (which the normal doctor is a heart doctor). He went and come to find out Don has some heart problems. He has been out of school for a couple weeks now and has had a few doctor's appointments. Come to find out...Don's left ventricle is enlarged or thickened, he has high blood pressure, and he has a extra heart beat (yes they found his heart so it's true he does have one...and the nurse practitioner says his wiring is misfiring). They put him on a couple of different heart meds and than sent him for a CAT scan of his kidneys which didn't show anything wrong. So they are saying his extra protein is do to his high blood pressure. The doctor's office is releasing him to go back to school so now we are waiting on the school to call him back so we can see if they will let him go back. But on other news...he has at least one job interview this next week and hopefully more...

Everything else here is fine. We were lucky enough to be missed by ALL the hurricanes...but we are ready if any decide to come visit. We are praying for our friends in the Houston area. They are out of their home right now and we hope to hear from them soon. Please keep all those in your prayers!

Well that is all for my update for now! I hope to be better at updating more often. Have a great week!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Under Construction

We are trying to make a more updated page...Please check back soon to see if we got it finished!